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Three Things You Have To Know Before You Customize Packaging For Your Electronics

Feb 14, 2017

Good Electronic product packaging design, product information can be accurately communicated to consumers, people can through the product packaging, product quality, and even corporate image point of view. It can be seen how important product packaging is. Here we say that the important thing is not how the packaging gorgeous, how high-end, but the packaging can not reflect the intrinsic value of the product. If you need to customize a matching electronic product box for your electronics, you can start from these three areas.

First, electronic product packaging design of the text.

Packaging design is not only in the packaging to do the surface decoration patterns, Electronic packaging products need to brand name, trademark, standard font, product description, instructions, advertising language, the main features, the company's name, address and many other elements In the packaging design. The text is essential to convey the sales package information.

Usually on the side of the packaging, or a separate booklet installed inside the box, the use of more standardized print fonts, font strokes too thick or too small will affect the visibility after printing, should not choose to change the font, Otherwise it will affect the readability. Electronic product font design to have a high sense of science, but pay attention to visibility and readability.

Second, the electronic products packaging graphic design
Electronic product packaging on the graphical content is the product image, logo and brand image and decorative graphics. Photographic pictures of the most important feature is the ability to realistic, accurate reproduction of the product texture, shape, to achieve the image of the convey. In the purchase of electronic products, are generally not allowed to open the box to see the inside of the goods, and through photography but can directly reproduce the goods in the packaging and decoration above. Can do precision of realistic expression, but also do general induction performance, but also free to express emotions, the performance of rich fantasy, depicting beyond timeless imagination, product connotation in the form of graphic expression. For young people how to play the advantages of digital products brand planning?

Third, the electronic product packaging color design
The color of publicity products, to attract the attention of consumers advertising, so enterprises in the packaging design, should pay attention to the important role of color, so that designers in the design of packaging color packaging, try to meet the electronic product identity color , In order to improve the competitiveness of enterprises in the sales of products.

Excellent product packaging color, not only can play the role of beautification of product packaging, to seize the people's attention, people in the purchase of goods in the process of a good aesthetic enjoyment, but also played a promotional role of goods, people inadvertently Take note of its brand. On the rapid expansion of the sales market has played a great role in promoting.

To sum up, electronic product packaging design is mainly reflected in the text design, graphic design, color design of the three links, the designer's task is to use text, graphics, color set up a bridge between producers and consumers, Design to use the aesthetic principle, through the shape, a variety of visual elements, color and other factors change, with the packaging function and appearance of the United States electronic product packaging container shape, visual form to show, to beautify the product packaging to promote product sales, Attracting attention, interest, so that the packaging of the consumer visual impact on the impact, and then take the purchase action.

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