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Chinese Valentine's Day-the Tanabata Festival

Aug 28, 2017

Today is the Chinese valentine's day which is also called Qixi festival,it is a custom for Chinese to watch the Altair and Vega on the chairs.

In China, the seventh day of the seventh day of the lunar calendar, the weather is warm, vegetation fragrance, which is commonly known as the Tanabata Festival, it was also called "Qi Qiao Festival" or "daughter festival", because the Cowherd and the Weaver met once a year, Also known as China Valentine's Day. This is the Chinese traditional festivals in the most romantic of a holiday, but also the most important day for the girls in the past.

In the sunny summer night, the sky shines, a white galaxy across the north and south, cross the river and things, each have a shining star, across the river, distant relative, that is, Altair and Vega.

When the whole family to sit together to see the cattle weaving actress, is the folk customs, according to legend, in this year's night, is the sky weaver and the Cowboy in the magpie bridge meet. Weaver is a beautiful and clever, ingenuity of the fairy, mortal women will be in this evening to beg for wisdom and clever art, and ultimately to her to seek a happy marriage, so the seventh day of July is also known as Qi Qiaojie. People legend in the evening of Tanabata, the rise can see the Cowherd and the Weaver's Galaxy meet, or in the fruit rack can be eavesdropping two people meet in heaven when the pulse of love.

Girls in this romantic night, facing the sky Lang Lang moon, put the fruits of the day, worship, begging the goddess of heaven can give them the wisdom of the soul and smart hands, so that their knitting female red skills skilled , More begging for love marriage marriage coincidence. Marriage for women in the past is to determine the life of life or not a lifetime event, so the world countless affectionate men and women will be in this evening, night quiet people deep moment, facing the stars to pray their marriage happy.

Now the Tanabata Festival, the couple will certainly give each other gifts, and many cosmetics companies will correspond to the introduction of Tanabata Festival beauty gift boxes to meet the needs of Chinese consumers, the following is the MAC lipstick launched Valentine's Day gift box, is not very unique And creative? Customized your brand of cosmetics gift box can choose Shenzhen Darlee Gift Packaging Co., Ltd.
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