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Eight Kinds of Common Processes in Box Printing

Mar 29, 2017

Darlee packaging factory as a professional box custom manufacturers, of course, closely related with the printing, today Darlee packaging factory will take you to see the printing of the late eight kinds of commonly used technology.

01Bronzing / hot silver

Scientific name is called hot pressing transfer printing, referred to as thermal printing, commonly known as bronzing, hot silver. Is by means of a certain pressure and temperature of the metal foil hot stamping on the printed method, the relative there is a cold printing.

Bronzing features: a metallic luster, magnificent, so that a strong contrast to the printed screen.

Scope: Applicable to very prominent text or logo, used for samples, greeting cards, invitations, calendars, desk calendar and so on.

02UV glazing

Is UV light, UV is referred to, that is, rely on ultraviolet radiation to dry curing ink. UV is usually silk screen process, and now there are offset UV.

Definition: A special process for the full or local curing of UV light on the surface of a printed matter

Features: can be printed on the surface of a variety of artistic effects, so that print is more beautiful

Type: thickening UV, frosted UV, colorful UV, glass beads, sprinkle colorful powder and so on

Scope: books installed, envelopes, covers, desk calendar, high-end packaging, handbags, etc.

03 from the convex / pressure concave / embossed

Scientific name for the imprint, by the pressure of the object to produce local changes in the formation of the pattern of the process, the metal version of the corrosion after the press and the end of the two pieces of pressure. Divided into cheap ordinary corroded version and expensive laser relief version of the two.

04 die cutting

Called beer, Guangdong pronunciation as "bie", is the meaning of die-cutting. The die-cutting process is to produce a special die-cutting knife according to the design requirements of the printed matter, and then press the printed matter or other substrates under pressure to cut into the forming process.

Definition: The use of steel knife, steel wire arranged into a template, under pressure in the printed matter processed into the required shape of the process.

Features: can produce aliasing, enhance the expressive force.

Scope: Applicable to more than 157g of paper as raw material products, such as stickers, trademarks, gift boxes, related printing works of art and so on.

05 onion

Is the first layer of glue on the paper, and then to the glue on the gold powder.

06 glue / film

To print a good layer of paper pressure transparent plastic film, a crystal film, light film and matt film, a lot of places called some different, not environmentally friendly.

Definition: The plastic film covering the surface of the printed matter, and the use of adhesive by heating, after pressing to bond together to form a paper, plastic one of the print processing technology. (In the printed surface covered with a thin layer of polyethylene film)

Category: film splitting film and dumb film two

Features: Glowing film products on the surface of the bright, strong performance, and more for the product category of printed matter; covered matte film surface is not reflective, elegant, and more for the image of print

Scope: more than 200g of paper, in case of solid color parts of the crease process must use the coating process

07 pinhole

Also called needle and thread, floss, is to press out a half-connected paper lines, usually appear in the packaging openings.

08 flocking

Is to brush the paper on the glue, and then posted a layer of similar to the hair material, so that the paper looks and feel a little flannel feel.

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