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How does packaging keep up with the aesthetic trend of consumers?

Oct 18, 2017

If you want to make money, you have to learn to make scarcity. In the age of scarcity, the material itself is scarce, so people are concerned about the material itself. For example, the rice and candy mentioned above. So what is the most scarce thing in today's material abundance?

On the basis of the functions of the product to win the favor of customers, one day there must newer and better products to defeat; and rely on the brand image to the world, can deep into the consumer's mind, become a part of consumer life, become friends with consumers. That's the best way to create scarcity in a homogeneous food market.

Many people may think that we are small brands, no big brands so strong brand endorsement, how to make the scarcity of brand it?
Small and medium brands do not have strong brand endorsement, then we rely on a unique personality to occupy consumer psychology.
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Aesthetics, in a narrow sense, is the pursuit of beautiful things, but in the broad sense, it may contain the preference for the total information contained in a brand. For example, a person who likes Coca-Cola, like it is not only beautiful packaging, vivid and interesting quotations, but more like the brand for many years to his impression.
Facts tell us that the aesthetic of consumers has changed rapidly, can not keep up with the rhythm, it can only become the dust of history.

Then products packaging how to keep up with the aesthetic trend of consumers?

In the industry, the brand endorsement of large brands, quality assurance, brand culture, brand personality, brand imprint, bring aesthetic pleasure, are small brands can not be compared. These intangible assets form another kind of scarcity in the homogeneous food market.
Many food entrepreneurs are also aware of the problem, so desperately to design cartoon products for packaging, and online copy a bunch of popular sayings, that consumers can keep up with the myriads of changes aesthetic, but the results are not uses,do you know the reason?

As we said above, aesthetics is a comprehensive demand. Simple packaging, exquisite cartoons, funny quotes, can not impress consumers. Consumers need is a reason to buy, getting the casket and returning the pear in ancient China is ridiculous because the products packaging box is beautiful to buy this product.
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The following brands of younger, fashionable points, quickly picked up little books to learn:

1. Know more about your customers
The enemy awareness, before you know the consumers, then talk about what planning and design. You know what your consumer cares about, and how young people feel about their emotions, so that they can find the point that touches their hearts.

2. Functional and quality sense of packaging design
Any product needs to buy reasons, so the function, sense of quality is unshakable foundation, not the younger is the type of violence to sell adorable.

3. Don't focus on the surface
Don't pay attention to too superficial things, young people love to talk about youth, but does not mean you add two words in front of the wing, young people will like it.

4. Design should be exquisite and extreme The first impression is very important, who knows your inner world without good looks?

5. Stickiness and theme
A good product will let customers produce dependence, the topic of the same product, like to go to the pub now young people do not drink and drink black Red Bull.
Advertising master Ogilvy said: "the consumer is your wife, do not despise their iq."
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