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The Production Points of Exquisite Chocolate Gift Box

May 08, 2017

With the prevalence of environmental protection, great chocolate gift printing green, environmental protection has become the trend of the times. Green great gift boxes printing production process must master the following points:
First, the gift box packaging to be appropriate.
Paper is too thick gift box framed after easy to blister, and look dull, and too thin is the practicality of the poor, the general gift box paper with double copper or dumb copper paper, in the specific production process, the manufacturer should According to the needs of customers to choose paper to meet market demand.

Second, the gift box design to have personality.

Hardcover chocolate gift boxes market competition, personalized gift box to attract the attention of consumers, selling the market, therefore, in the gift box production process, the plate must be in color, style to enhance its particularity.
Third, the gift box printing surface treatment technology to be superb.

Gift box printing process requirements are high, in the printing process should not appear color differences, ink points, bad version, etc., which will affect the gift box sales. The printing plant should improve the quality of the gift box and improve the quality of the gift boxes.

Fourth, the gift box before delivery packaging processing.
In the gift box before delivery to do the final packaging, with the use of carton packaging or direct paper bag, to ensure that the delivery in the past will not be polluted in the gift box.
The above four points is Darlee gift packaging Co,.Ltd in the environmental situation under the hardcore gift box printing production process should grasp the main points.
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